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Foolishness. Idiocy. Irreverence. Weekly.

Sep 29, 2013

In which we talk about Ted’s wife being pregnant, designated drivers, odd insults, homemade gifts, police organizations including the Irrational Police, our time in Italy, and dirty hippies at a friends wedding.    


Sep 22, 2013

In which Dan and Pietro guest star and we talk about perseverance through minor disasters at Pietro’s sister’s wedding, throwing things off roofs, adventures in poker dealing, and come up with a new horror movie.    


Sep 17, 2013

In which the beautiful Orit joins us and we discuss musicals, pregnancy, and the TV show Revenge.    


Sep 10, 2013

In which Murph pops in for a moment and we start by patting ourselves on the back and talk about the need of having a good friend to talk to, people put on Earth only to impede progress, and more.    


Sep 1, 2013

In which we talk about Eric’s aging body, another stupid ad on the subway, the evilest state, question what politicians do, a drunken Canadian swim, honey, gay marriage in Minnesota, helpful Japanese commuters, a dog with a strange craving, and an odd fight.