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Foolishness. Idiocy. Irreverence. Weekly.

Jun 22, 2009

In which we get off to a bad start and talk about cat serial killers, Eric's Wedding Adventure, our personal German fantasies and have multiple arguments.

Jun 15, 2009

In which Eric and Jeremy are reunited and we talk about Dance classes, Eric's wedding song, Eric's Texas Adventures, Mime sex, and make numerous masturbation jokes.

Jun 9, 2009

In which Eric is gone, but Matt steps up and we talk about Matt's European Adventures, legalizing marijuana and it's consequences, hangovers, co-ed flag football, and various other topics. Plus, email.

Jun 1, 2009

In which we talk about Jeremy's weekend at Dr Rob's wedding, Eric's weekend fighting snakes at a hot spring, why you shouldn't hang out with your college professors, and read some email.