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Foolishness. Idiocy. Irreverence. Weekly.

Apr 27, 2016

In which we discuss the art of gift giving, Eric’s hobby of outdoors time, our desire for mindless physical labor, try to figure out what our kids will say about us when they bring their future significant others to meet us, our children learning to talk, our preferred alternative jobs, and Game...

Apr 20, 2016

In which we lose half an episode due to technical difficulties, but present the final four of our Sidekicks bracket, and the entirety of our Feelings Bracket.      


Apr 13, 2016

In which Jeremy is upset that not all of March Madness takes place in March, we discuss types of shovels, if one can tell if dogs are having homosexual sex, bone penises, design a grand, LEED Certified, porn set, bringing dogs to work, and Jeremy comes to a...