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Foolishness. Idiocy. Irreverence. Weekly.

Jul 27, 2009

In which we tallk about Oorye, Eeyores' pedophilic cousin, Religious fallicy, Alcohol Induced Bulemia, and how Tony the Tiger parties

Jul 20, 2009

In which we talk about how Jesus parties and try to put together an awesome party guest list, discuss Harry Potter for far too long, talk about yard work in your underware, and read some emails.

Jul 14, 2009

In a very introspective episode we talk about what Eric's life could possibly end up like, why Jeremy is (kind of) a player at weddings, psychoanalyse each other, speak of weddings gifts, and take multiple trips into the male psyche.

Jul 7, 2009

In which we talk about Erics' weight issues, our respective 4th of July celebrations, start a new business called "Hobos for Hire" and Jeremy bitches about buying a belt and people in the deli line.

Jul 4, 2009

In which we are both distracted and disinterested and we talk about Jeremy's experience with Justice, Eric's experience with the Postal Service and various other sundry topics. Happy Birthday America.