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Foolishness. Idiocy. Irreverence. Weekly.

Jul 25, 2010


In which we talk about Masturbation, who would win in a fight between Eric's parents and in-laws, staying calm in the midst of chaos, little kids drinking, and...

Jul 18, 2010

In which we talk about the end of the World Cup and how it could have led to the end of civilization, World War II (again), Tron, and read a bunch of emails which bring up issues from previous podcasts, including stupid celebrities, technology and more.

Jul 10, 2010


In which we start off with another rant about dogs and hippes, and talk about Cruises, the Fourth of July, Jeremy explains Captain America, and answer an email about pooping in your vest.


Jul 4, 2010


In which we talk about condiment crime, TV Shows (Batman, The Tick, Venture Brothers, The Wire, Friday Night Lights and more), English Monarchy, Clint Eastwood and Russell Crowe, inventing new drugs, Bar hopping, urination stories, and read an email from Jeremy’s landlord.